SWIMS - Smart Water Integrated Management System


SWIMS is an Internet of Water (IoW) solution that offers end-to-end smart water management to improve non-revenue water (NRW) management, optimise repair and replacement of ageing infra, as well as improve response to weather events such as flooding and water contamination through smart water level and water quality measurements respectively. It is being developed as an agnostic platform that caters for all types of IoT devices, platforms and connectivity, as well as providing invaluable customer behavior and predictive insights for the water industry. SWIMS is unique as its edge/fog-computing feature enables smarter and faster response to surrounding conditions that requires instant decision-making capability and low latency response


Conves - Connected Vehicle System


Conves is a fleet management solution developed by TM R&D. A fleet management solution provides management of commercial motor vehicles used for work purposes. As well as providing vehicle telematic information to the fleet operator, utilizing the power of big data analytics provide advisory information to the fleet operator and as well to the driver.




EVO COLOURS is a safe & green painting products for artists and school’s children.EVO COLOURS is a description of waterborne materials suitable for visual art, arts deco and stationery used. It is composed mainly natural occurring material such as natural rubber latex, cellulose and pigments. The development of this type of coloring materials is to increase the consumption of naturally occurring polymer such as natural rubber latex in arts materials and products. 1. Features: a. A new medium for educational, stationeries, and art works comprising natural rubber as a binder. b. EVO COLOURS is safe and environmental friendly. c. Easy to wash with water d. Suitable usage from children to professional artist. e. Not a petroleum based chemical.


Evo Natural Rubber Latex Paint


PROBLEM STATEMENTS: Major drawbacks related to the use of commercial interior paint have been identified based on market surveys and users' feedback. The main issues associated with the current commercial product are: i. Not user-friendly in terms of cost of paint and operation, such as on the needs to use thinner as solvent. ii. Low hiding power and low opacity. Hence, multiple layers need to be applied to cover the old surface. iii. Odorous smell, toxic, irritation, and some are corrosive. iv. High Volatile Organic Content (VOC) that is risky to the user when freshly applied in a confined space. v. High heavy metal content such as mercury, cadmium, and lead. vi. 60% of non-renewable petroleum-based polymers such as acrylic and polyurethane were used in interior paint as a binder. OUR SOLUTIONS: Heveatex, in collaboration with the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), is introducing an innovative green natural rubber latex paint, as a solution to addressing the identified challenges. The solutions that we are offering and commercializing promote the use of a “green platform technology” as a binder which produced from bio-based resources (natural latex) to partly replace the petroleum/ acrylic-based binder widely used in conventional paint. On top of using it for paint, the “green” binder can also be used in many other applications, leaving us with a lot of future opportunities, for new, green product development and market penetrations. Advantageously, the present innovation provides natural paint with great properties, such as highly durable wet scrub abrasion, water resistance, nontoxic, low odors, low metal content, low VOC, and anti-fungus resistance. This innovation is able to reduce atmospheric pollution and enhance the quality of life due to less use of volatile solvents. The innovation also utilizes natural rubber latex as a mixture of binders (rubber latex + acrylic), which not only offer products of better properties but also meet the requirement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for it to be classified as 'green' product. With 30% of its composition comprising natural latex, it has become a better alternative as compared to general oil-based paint, where its four (4) main components i.e. pigment, binder, liquid and additives are all petroleum-based; which cause potential health hazard as well as environment concerns. Our Unique Selling Propositions (USP): i. Environmentally friendly paint because it used cellulose-based thickener and is highly compatible with other ingredients. The common thickener used in paint is polyurethane and clay. ii. Enhanced the quality of life by reducing the use of petroleum-based chemicals, hence reducing atmospheric pollution and carbon dioxide emission. iii. Proven by experimental approach to be non-toxic, low VOC, low odor, and undetectable heavy metal content - The higher component of petroleum-based solvent used in the composition, the higher the VOCs and heavy metal content in it. As our solution use water as solvent, it would be a great choice for health and the environment. iv. As it is a water-based paint, it is easier for users to wash after use. v. Double layers are sufficient to cover the old surface due to its high opacity. vi. Applicable on various types of surfaces i.e., concrete, gypsum, wood, soft board, ceiling, and Cornish for building, construction, and mural painting. vii. Safer and greener interior paint product. viii. Low-cost of production. ix. Can be applied with confidence without using water. x. Comply with Green Building lndex (GBl) to reduce the impact on human health and the environment. The products have been researched, developed, and tested both in the lab and in the actual environment (residential, shop lots, petrol station, etc.) - Please refer to our pitch deck and supporting documents for more information.


Smart Helmet


The TMR&D Smart Helmet comes with integrated advanced sensors and communication tools to provide live wireless monitoring, such as accident impact and geolocation to perform real-time data analysis. It sends telemetry data collected from the sensor on the helmet to the cloud platform and processes the data for analysis and intelligent decision-making. It is equipped with all the safety helmet features, offering location tracking, attendance status, violation detection, video calls for remote coaching and emergency observation of the workforce. The benefits are immense for many industries where the well-being of its on-site workers is concerned. Here are some of the major industries in Malaysia that could harness the full potential of the Smart Helmet. Safety Monitor workers' vital signs, detect falls, and provide real-time alerts for unsafe conditions, improving on-site safety. Incident detection and impact analysis to monitor for toxic gas exposure, detect leaks, and provide location-based emergency alerts to enhance worker safety. Access real-time quality control information and assembly instructions through internet connectivity via instructional media like videos. Productivity Hands-free video and voice communications for productive working environment. Access maintenance instructions and equipment data, improving efficiency. Assist in on-the-job training by providing guidance and visual aids to employees.


Bioliquifert M100


Bioliquifert M100 is a liquid biofertilizer containing single microorganism with main functions, viz. making nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from unavailable forms into plant nutrient forms, and probiotic activity that enhance immunity of the plants against diseases. Thus, Bioliquifert M100 is multifunctional, and formulated to suit different crops. It is a natural product, economic, easily applied for different cultivation methods, and environmentally friendly.

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