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Conves - Connected Vehicle System

Conves is a fleet management solution developed by TM R&D. A fleet management solution provides management of commercial motor vehicles used for work purposes. As well as providing vehicle telematic information to the fleet operator, utilizing the power of big data analytics provide advisory information to the fleet operator and as well to the driver.

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Use Cases

Unique Selling Proposition


Instant Vehicles Wheareabout Location

The solution provides easy to use dashboard that provides almost real time info on location and whereabouts of the entire fleet.


Optimise drivers behaviour and reducing fleet operation cost.

The solution provides features to train and optimise drivers' behaviour and encourage good behavour that will contribute to lower operational for the fleet operation.


Advisory Information

Provides advisory information to the fleet operator as well as on fuel, driver, vehicles, services, etc.


Cost Savings

Cost saving through business process automation by keeping track of fuel use & driver's behavior.


Improve Productivity

The solution captures real-time data about the vehicles, allowing fleet operator to track and monitor the vehicles real time location.