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EVO COLOURS is a safe & green painting products for artists and school’s children.EVO COLOURS is a description of waterborne materials suitable for visual art, arts deco and stationery used. It is composed mainly natural occurring material such as natural rubber latex, cellulose and pigments. The development of this type of coloring materials is to increase the consumption of naturally occurring polymer such as natural rubber latex in arts materials and products. 1. Features: a. A new medium for educational, stationeries, and art works comprising natural rubber as a binder. b. EVO COLOURS is safe and environmental friendly. c. Easy to wash with water d. Suitable usage from children to professional artist. e. Not a petroleum based chemical.

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Use Cases

Unique Selling Proposition


Application on various types of surface

It can be used on paper, canvas, wood, sculpture, metal and ceramic .


Easy to wash with water

EVO COLOURS is a practical technique that cleans up easily. We only need water and some soap.


Not a petroleum based chemical

Made from Natural rubber latex as the main ingredients and does contain synthetic mixtures and harmful chemicals.


Lasting color

The color produces last longer,not easy to fade or damage compared to other color paints


Water base & water proof

EVO COLOURS is water base product and after application and dried, it will become water proof and protect the art painting.


Low Odors & Low VOC

EVO COLOURS is not associated with bad odors and have non-toxic contents as well low metal contents.